Changing Course Title Number


My department has undergone a course and program change and now various Blackboard courses need their numbers and prefixes changed in order to match up with the new program changes. How would I accomplish this?


Current Course Name: PSYS361-750 (Fa14): PSY MEASUREMENT

Intended New Course Name: PSYS413-750 (Fa14): PSY MEASUREMENT


The department has undergone a course and program change which potentially affects the naming structure of Blackboard courses within the department.


Any course using the old number will need to be deleted and recreated under the new number, once the new number is reflected in TopNet.

If the course is created using the old number, and no work has been done on the site, or if only a course copy has been done, then the user will need to delete the site, the instructor will need to create the course again using the new number, and then proceed as normal.

If the instructor has already done other work, then after they recreate it with the new number, they can import the information from the Export File.

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