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Instructions on how to open an Office program document that has a Grant Access Error.
Instructions for current Faculty/Staff/Students on installing Office 365 for free on their personal Mac. Currently, Office 365 offers Office 2019.
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Information on how to open/convert WordPerfect files.
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Information about when [Compatibility Mode] is displayed in title bar of Office applications.
Instructions for removing markup showing on a printed Word document.
Instructions for what to do when the spelling and grammar checks have disappeared.
Instructions to find the version and service pack of Office that is installed on your computer.
Instructions to insert a Next Page Section Break in Microsoft Word.
Instructions to restart a page count for a Word document containing multiple sections.
Information regarding correcting the inability to copy and paste text in a Microsoft Word document.
Instructions for compressing pictures in Microsoft Office documents to reduce their file size.
Information about why typefaces and documents do not display as expected when the file is moved to another computer.