Accessing and Using Microsoft Office After Graduation


How do I access Microsoft Office after I have graduated and/or am no longer taking classes at WKU? 


  • TopperMail 
    • Office365


Due to WKU's licensing agreement with Microsoft, only current WKU students will retain Microsoft Office licenses. Once you have graduated or are no longer taking classes with WKU you will lose access to Microsoft Office and Microsoft OneDrive storage. You will need to transfer any files from OneDrive to a personal storage account or medium prior to graduation to preserve the data. WKU degree-awarded alumni are granted the TopperMail account for life. This is only an email address and does not contain any Microsoft Office functionality whatsoever. Students leaving WKU that are not degree-awarded will not be granted their TopperMail accounts and such accounts will be terminated after a time period. 


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Wed 6/17/20 8:24 AM
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