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Information about installing Microsoft Project and Visio on a WKU-Owned computer.
Instructions for inserting footnotes and endnotes in Word 2019 for macOS.
Instructions to find the version and service pack of Office that is installed on your computer.
Instructions for compressing pictures in Microsoft Office documents to reduce their file size.
Instructions for editing the footer in PowerPoint 2016.
Instructions for converting an email to an appointment in Outlook 2013+.
Instructions for sending someone an email with a hyperlinked file.
Information regarding editing equations in recent versions of Microsoft Office.
Instructions for changing where Excel 2016 for Windows stores AutoRecover spreadsheets.
Information regarding being unable to edit alt text in documents saved in earlier versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Instructions to paste information and retain the formatting from the source.
Instructions for logging into Microsoft OneDrive with a WKU Exchange account.
Instructions on clearing license and activation files stored in macOS system folders that may prohibit activation and use of Office for Mac apps.
Instructions for checking for Microsoft software updates on a Mac.
Information on "temporary locked" error message when trying to login to email.