Resetting Office for Mac License and Sign-In


I cannot activate Office on my Mac.


  • macOS
    • Office suite


The license file for Office may have been corrupted. Resetting the license is needed to allow it to activate with your WKU account.


WKU Students and Employees are allotted five licenses to activate Office on both personal and WKU-owned devices. To check your current count of licenses in-use and deactivate it from any unneeded devices, reference this article.
  1. Download and run the Office Reset tool.
  2. When prompted to select a package(s) to install, choose Reset License and Sign-In. Any other options may result in removal of apps and potential data loss.
  3. Continue through the reset tool.
  4. When it completes, open an Office app (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, or Word).
  5. You will be prompted to activate the suite. Enter your WKU account information.
  6. Once activated, the Office apps will be fully usable.
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