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Information and instructions for correcting display problems from Office 2016 on Windows 10 computers.
Information for Faculty/Staff/Students about installing Microsoft 365 on a personal computer.
Information about accessing Microsoft Office after graduation and/or absence from WKU.
Information regarding connecting personal OneDrive accounts to WKU-Owned Macs using WKU-licensed Office 2019.
Instructions for resolving the Your Organization Has Deleted This Device error.
Instructions for sharing content in Zoom.
Instructions for changing the properties in a document to open in a desired location.
Instructions for allowing Keychain Access to Office apps on macOS computers.
Instructions for adding add-ins to Office 2019 apps for macOS computers.
Instructions on how to open an Office program document that has a Grant Access Error.
Instructions for starting a PowerPoint Presentation.
Instructions on how to disable the webcam when recording a presentation on PowerPoint.
Instructions for exporting a PowerPoint presentation as an MP4.
Instructions for compressing pictures in Microsoft Office documents to reduce their file size.
Instructions for editing the footer in PowerPoint 2016.