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Instructions for uploading and sharing Office files in OneDrive. For all supported operating systems and Office versions.
Instructions on creating mailing groups in Outlook.
Instructions for creating (inserting) new rows or columns in an Excel spreadsheet.
Instructions to view login history for Microsoft 365 accounts.
Instructions for changing the properties in a document to open in a desired location.
Instructions for using a hanging indent in Word.
Information about Outlook Web Access (OWA) loading a non-WKU account when clicking a link to navigate to the account.
Information about sending emails from shared mailbox accounts migrated to Microsoft 365.
Instructions for adding a secondary Exchange account to Outlook 2019 on Windows.
Information about Microsoft Word 365 auto-saving documents in cloud storage.
Information about using your TopperMail account with a trial version of Microsoft 365.
Information about Microsoft 365 stating that the subscription has expired.
Information about shared mailboxes' deleted items going to a user's personal deleted items folder.
Instructions for allowing Keychain Access to Office apps on macOS computers.
Information about run-time errors when using an unsupported version of Adobe Acrobat with newer versions of Microsoft Office on macOS devices.