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Information on OWA's automatic log out schedule.
Instructions on turning off S mode on a Windows 10 machine.
Instructions for how to turn off your browser's internal password manager.
Instructions for turning off sound notifications for new messages in Outlook.
Instructions for sending a print job from your personal computer to a WKU Student Technology Center (STC) printer.
Instructions for turning off the Preview View in Windows 10 file explorer.
Instructions for disabling Google Chrome extensions.
Instructions for turning off auto-complete usernames and passwords in Firefox.
Instructions for disabling the popup blocker on Internet Explorer.
Instructions for turning off startup apps on Windows 10 computers.
Information about logging in to a WKU-owned laptop.
Instructions for turning off Lockdown Browser so it is not required for taking an exam.
Instructions on how to make a phone call from a WKU phone.
Steps to enable reader view in Firefox.
Instructions for toggling the sidebar off and on for Outlook 2019.