Articles about the WKU Active Directory (AD) system.

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Articles about Active Directory accounts.

Shared & Personal Drives

Articles about the Shared (S:) and Personal (P:) drives on Active Directory.

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Issues Logging in to a WKU-Owned Laptop

Information about logging in to a WKU-owned laptop.

Logon Method You Are Using Is Not Allowed

Information about the error message "the logon method you are using is not allowed" when trying to log into a computer.

No Log-on Servers Available

Information about the "No log-on servers available" error you can get when trying to log in to a WKU-owned computer.

Reappearing WKU Support Desktop Icons

Information about WKU shortcuts that appear on WKU-owned desktops and cannot be removed.

Unlocking a Locked Computer

Instructions for unlocking a computer that was locked by another user.