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Instructions for logging into WKU email.
Instructions for automatically including email signature(s) on new messages and reply messages within OWA.
Information for creating an email signature in OWA.
Instructions for enabling sign-in for an email account when it has been blocked.
Information about accessing a TopperMail account that uses Azure Active Directory.
Instructions for enabling the Microsoft Authenticator app.
Instructions for logging into an Adobe Creative Cloud account purchased through WKU ITS.
Information about Outlook Web Access (OWA) loading a non-WKU account when clicking a link to navigate to the account.
Instructions for creating a new Zoom account or signing into a Zoom account licensed by WKU.
Instructions for signing a PDF file with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro.
Instructions on what to do when you can't sign into the Parking and Transportation Permit website but you can sign into myWKU.
Information regarding changing a signed PDF.
Information about problems signing a PDF.
Instructions on using Adobe Sign.
Instructions for preventing non-WKU users from accessing a Zoom meeting by requiring authentication.