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Instructions for adding a TopperMail account to an iPhone or iPad.
Information on what to do when you need to return a computer that your department no longer has a use for.
Instructions for adding a WKU Exchange Account (Faculty/Staff email) to an iOS device.
Instructions for adding a WKU Employee account to an Android device.
Information about the "No log-on servers available" error you can get when trying to log in to a WKU-owned computer.
Information on how to install programs downloaded from websites.
Information regarding purchasing and discounts at WKU.
Information about Windows XP End of Life.
Information for Faculty/Staff about getting peripheral hardware (e.g., monitor, mouse, keyboard, cables) from Desktop Support for free.
Information about and instructions for updating Mac operating systems.
Information about transferring Apple Store purchases from one user to another.
Instructions for restoring the default dock in macOS when an error message consistently appears stating the dock has crashed.
Instructions on resetting your NVRAM on a Mac.
Instructions for granting admin privileges to macOS user accounts.
Information about troubleshooting monitors that will not display.