Creating Employee Email Account


When will my employee email be created?


Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Faculty, Full-Time Staff

  • Accounts get automatically created 24 hours after Human Resources sets employment status to active in Banner.

Part-Time Staff, Occasional Employees

  • Email accounts are not automatically created for this employment status. Once your employment status is set to active, you can request the account be created by submitting an online request here.

Graduate Assistants, Student Workers

  • Accounts ending in are no longer created for Graduate Assistants or Student Workers. Graduate Assistants and Student Workers will have access to various WKU systems granted through the use of their existing TopperMail accounts. 

 Note: The only supported method for accessing this account is through Webmail

Non-Employees / Affiliates

  • Information regarding non-employee and affiliate accounts is available here.


Note: If you have ever had a WKU email before and it was disabled it will not automatically re-enable with a new employment status. You will still need to put a request in to have WKU ITS re-enable your email. Please contact the ITS Service Desk if you need to do this.

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