Accessing Email After Ending Employment


When I leave employment at WKU, do I get to keep my email address?


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WKU Retirees are not elligible for Microsoft Office on personally owned devices. Retirees are elligible only for an email address. This email account may be accessed via computer, or mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad. 

For WKU retirees, contact Human Resources and verify Banner will say Retired. If so, your address will remain active. However, you will need to access the account periodically (at least once every six months) to keep it active.


Under normal circumstances, an email address is disabled 120 days after termination is entered into Banner. Anytime after that point, the address is eligible for deletion. For the 120 day grace period, you can continue to access your email address as usual. However, it is recommended to setup a standalone email address and configure your account to automatically forward new messages to the new address, as well as send automatic replies notifying others of your email address change. If an extension is needed, a request can be sent to the mail administrators, however, there is no guarantee that an extension can be given. Once the account is deleted, people attempting to send an email to your address will receive an automatic reply that the address cannot be found. Additionally, all terminated employees will be removed from the Faculty/Staff-All distribution groups immediately and will not be a part of this group during the 120 day grace period.

Temporary or Seasonal

If the position is a temporary or seasonal and there will be a time period where you have a break in employment with WKU you will have to contact Human Resources at 270-745-5360 to get your status set as something other than terminated during that time period.

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