Upgrading macOS


I am receiving notifications that a new version of macOS is available. Should I install it?


Apple automatically pushes new macOS versions to compatible Macs. However, some WKU-imaged Macs may not work properly after the upgrade.


Verify Current macOS Version

  1. Click the  in the upper-left corner.
  2. Select About this Mac.
  3. If the version listed is 10.9.x or lower, please contact the ITS Service Desk, as your system may not work properly if upgraded.
  4. If the version listed is 10.10 or newer, your system should be okay to upgrade.
     Note: Some minor issues have been encountered sporadically after upgrading. Please contact the ITS Service Desk if you experience any problems.

Evaluate Features

  1. Navigate to https://www.apple.com/macos/ to see details about the latest version of macOS.
  2. If the features are desirable, proceed below to install the upgrade.
  3. If there is little interest in the new features, it is recommended to ignore the notifications about upgrading.

Installing Upgrade

  1. Return to https://www.apple.com/macos/.
  2. Click Upgrade now.
  3. Click View in Mac App Store / Open App Store.
  4. Click Get / Download / Install.
  5. Once downloaded, the installer will open automatically. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the upgrade.
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