Finder Freezing When Editing Files on Network Drives


When I try to interact (open/copy/move/edit/save/etc) with a file on a WKU network drive (Personal, Shared, Secure), a Finder window displays something similar to

Preparing to copy file

The window will not progress nor cancel and I have to restart for it to go away.


  • macOS
    • Files on a network drive, such as the P:\ or S:\. 


macOS, by default, creates metadata files on network drives intended to browse folders quicker but can cause Finder to become unresponsive on enterprise-level network drives, such as WKU's.


  1. This issue has been resolved automatically for Macs enrolled in our device management solution. See this article for information on enrolling your WKU-Owned Mac.
  1. Click (Spotlight).
  2. Search for and open Terminal.
  3. Enter defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores -bool TRUE
  4. Press Return.
  5. Restart your computer.


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Mon 2/22/21 10:52 AM
Tue 3/30/21 8:58 AM