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Instructions for accessing shared mailbox accounts after migration to Microsoft 365.
Information for accessing network drives off campus.
Information on how to have a file on the S (Shared) drive that was replaced with a text file restored.
Instructions for requesting a shared mailbox account (e.g.,
Information on how to change the manager of a shared mailbox account.
Information about creating folders on the WKU Shared Drive.
Instructions for disabling the Cached Exchange Mode in order to resolve Shared Mailbox sync issues.
Information about shared mailboxes' deleted items going to a user's personal deleted items folder.
Instructions for requesting a new Public Folder or shard calendar.
Information regarding restoring files and folders removed from the P: (personal), S: (shared), and U: (secure) drives.
Instructions for restoring missing network drives when connected to the VPN off campus.
Information regarding file names being too long to store on the WKU Shared or Personal Drive.
Instructions for mapping to the Shared (S:) and Personal (P:) Active Directory drives on a Mac.
Instructions for mapping network drives on a Windows computer.
Information about sending emails from shared mailbox accounts migrated to Microsoft 365.