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Information about Microsoft OneDrive.
Information for accessing network drives off campus.
Information on how to have a file on the S (Shared) drive that was replaced with a text file restored.
Information about creating folders on the WKU Shared Drive.
Information regarding files synced through the OneDrive for macOS app that are giving a permissions error.
Information about how to gain access to another employee's accounts.
Information regarding restoring files and folders removed from the P: (personal), S: (shared), and U: (secure) drives.
Instructions for restoring missing network drives when connected to the VPN off campus.
Information about being unable to edit or add files to the personal drive.
Instructions for mapping to the Shared (S:) and Personal (P:) Active Directory drives on a Mac.
Instructions for mapping network drives on a Windows computer.
Instructions on how to see how much space is in use on your Mac.
Instructions for formatting a USB drive.
Instructions for signing out of OneDrive application on Windows.
Instructions for logging into Microsoft OneDrive with a WKU Exchange account.