Allowing Full Disk Access for macOS Applications


I have installed and/or am using an application on my Mac but it stops and says that it needs Full Disk Access to continue. 


  • macOS 10.15+


Apple's security prevents some applications from having full control and disk access to your computer. Sometimes this has to be manually enabled for individual applications. 


  1. Click the Apple  menu in the upper left corner. 
  2. Select System Preferences...
  3. Select Security & Privacy
  4. Select the Privacy tab. 
  5. On the left, scroll down to Full Disk Access
  6. Select Full Disk Access.
  7. Click the lock  in the bottom left corner to make changes. 
  8. Check mark the application on the right side that needs Full Disk Access
    Note: You may need to close the application in question after completing this step for the changes to process.
  9. Click the lock  again to lock the settings back. 
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