Using AirDrop


How do I send a file to an Apple device using AirDrop on my Mac?


AirDrop uses both Bluetooth and WiFi to connect to other devices. In an enterprise environment, such as WKU's WiFi, devices may be unable to communicate because they could be utilizing different access points.  For best results, it is recommended to use AirDrop on a personal network and utilize resources such as OneDrive or the shared drive on WKU networks.
  1. Open a Finder window and navigate to the file you want to share.
  2. Click to select the file.
  3. Click (Share).
  4. Select AirDrop.
  5. Nearby devices with AirDrop enabled will appear.
    Note: The receiving device needs to be awake and unlocked.
  6. Click the device to initiate transfer.
  7. On the receiving device, select Accept to receive the file. It will appear in the device's Downloads folder.
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