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Instructions on linking cell(s) in multiple Excel documents.
Information regarding correcting the inability to copy and paste text in a Microsoft Word document.
Instructions on copying slides from one presentation to another.
Instructions on reusing test questions that are not part of a question pool.
Instructions for copying content between Blackboard site types (course/organization).
Instructions on how to copy tests between courses.
Instructions on copying and pasting text into Blackboard.
Information regarding the following error on Blackboard: Access Denied: Resource does not exist or you do not have sufficient permissions to access this resource.
Instructions to paste information and retain the formatting from the source.
Instructions for using the Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) feature in OWA.
Instructions for importing a Course Site in Blackboard.
Instructions for exporting a Course Site from Blackboard.
Instructions for copying items with Course Copy.
Information about what to do if your tests/quizzes are missing after performing a course copy on Blackboard.
Instructions for subscribing OU Campus calendars to other calendar events.