Articles about the WKU classroom technology, Academic Technology computer labs, and departmental computer labs.

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Remote Labs

Articles about accessing and using WKU lab computers remotely.

Articles (14)

Accessing Lab Printers Outside of Semester Timeframes

Information about requesting access to WKU lab printers outside normal semester timelines.

Activating the Light for the IPEVO VZ-R

Instructions for activating the light on the IPEVO VZ-R Document Camera.

Altered Colors on the IPEVO VZ-R

Instructions for changing the filter / display color of a classroom projector.

Beeping Computer

Information about computers beeping upon startup and not working correctly.

Computer Lab Hours

Information about the operating hours of WKU Computer Labs.

Displaying Instructor Computer to Projector Issues

Instructions on what to do when a classroom instructor computer stops displaying to the projector in the room.

Imaging in Progress

Instructions on what to do if a message is on a computer that says that imaging is in progress.

Installing Software in a Classroom/Lab

Information on how software is installed on classroom and lab computers.

Lab Software List

Information on what software is available in the Student Technology Center labs around campus.

Logging into a Lab Computer

Instructions for logging into a WKU lab computer.

Logging into Computers while Not Enrolled

Information about logging into WKU computers while not being enrolled.

Resolving No Logon Servers Error

Instructions for resolving "No Logon Servers" error on a classroom or lab machine.

Rotating the Image of an IPEVO VZ-R and V4K

Instructions for rotating the image produced by the IPEVO document cameras.

Using PowerPoint Presenter Mode on Classroom Computers

Information about using PowerPoint Presenter Mode on classroom computers.