Rotating the Image of an IPEVO VZ-R and V4K


The image created by the IPEVO camera is flipped or rotated.


  • Classroom


The head of the camera has been turned or (VZ-R only) the rotate button has been pressed.


For both cameras, rotate the head of the camera into a position that is the correct position for software you are using. Typically, for the V4K, this will be the position where the square end of the camera head is pointing to the left of the presenter. For the VZ-R this will be the position where the square end is pointing up.

For the VZ-R, if the image is upside down, the rotate button may have been pressed. To resolve this press the image button again and the image should flip.
Note: The rotate button is the third button from the top, with two arrows circling the center.

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