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Instructions for enabling a Zoom Waiting Room when scheduling an individual meeting.
Instructions for logging into the Adobe Creative Cloud on a lab, classroom, or student workstation.
Information on how software is installed on classroom and lab computers.
Instructions for saving Camtasia Projects on lab computers.
Instructions for resolving "No Logon Servers" error on a classroom or lab machine.
Instructions for rotating the image produced by the IPEVO document cameras.
Instructions for activating the light on the IPEVO VZ-R Document Camera.
Instructions for changing the filter / display color of a classroom projector.
Information about who to contact for Google Classroom support.
Information about computers beeping upon startup and not working correctly.
Details on how to resolve a technical issue with WKU Classroom hardware.
Information on how to request a large number of sponsored accounts.
Information about using PowerPoint Presenter Mode on classroom computers.