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Instructions on how to print Microsoft 365 and PDF documents in color within Student Technology Centers from web-based resources, such as Microsoft 365 for Web.
Information regarding the following error on Blackboard: Access Denied: Resource does not exist or you do not have sufficient permissions to access this resource.
Instructions on using Adobe Sign.
Instructions on how to change Google Accounts.
Instructions for what to do when the spelling and grammar checks have disappeared.
Instructions to restart a page count for a Word document containing multiple sections.
Information regarding the formats that SafeAssign accepts.
Information on what to do when Microsoft Edge submits a 0 byte file when the file is open at the time of submission in Blackboard.
Instructions for rotating the image produced by the IPEVO document cameras.
Instructions for activating the light on the IPEVO VZ-R Document Camera.
Instructions for converting a Pages document to a Word document.
Instructions for capturing a scan via Image Capture on a Mac.
Instructions about correcting the Normal.dotm Word Error in Microsoft Word for macOS.
Information about Chrome prompting to Open INB AX Bridge when connecting to Banner Document Imaging.
Instructions on getting assistance with AppXtender issues.