Normal.dotm Error on Word for Mac


When I try to open or save a Word file I get this error message: 

Word cannot open the existing global template. 


Do you want to replace the existing Normal.dotm?


  • macOS 10.12+
    • Microsoft Office 2016+


Something has happened to cause the Normal.dotm template to become corrupt.


Make sure that any unsaved work is saved before continuing with this process. If you are unable to save your work, you may need to copy and paste the contents of the file into another program or document, such as an email, to make sure that no work is lost.
  1. Close all Office applications. 
  2. Press Command ⌘ + Shift + G at the same time. 
  3. Type the following: ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/User Templates/
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Locate the file named Normal.dotm and select it. 
  6. Delete the Normal.dotm file. 
    Note: You may be asked for your username and password to delete this file. 
  7. Delete any other files that have Normal in the title, but make sure you are in the User Templates folder. 
    Note: You may find multiple normal.dotm files or a ~normal.dotm file; these need to be deleted, too.


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Tue 8/27/19 2:23 PM
Tue 10/1/19 9:02 AM