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Instructions for inserting footnotes and endnotes in Word 2019 for macOS.
Information for employees on how to request Banner, InfoView, and TopNet accounts and/or training for these systems.
Information about saving scanned documents on a personal computer.
Information about when [Compatibility Mode] is displayed in title bar of Office applications.
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Instructions for removing markup showing on a printed Word document.
Instructions to insert a Next Page Section Break in Microsoft Word.
Instructions to restart a page count for a Word document containing multiple sections.
Instructions on changing the page orientation for a document in Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows
Instructions for saving feedback on a graded document in Blackboard.
Instructions for inserting a document on a Wiki.
Instructions on requesting AppXtender be installed on your computer.
Information on where to view uploaded files in OU Campus.
Instructions on attaching files to Qualtrics survey.