Attaching Files


How do I attach a file to a Qualtrics survey?


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Some surveys may require an informed consent document be attached after it is approved by the Office of Institutional Research. Not all types of Qualtrics accounts allow the creator of a survey to attach a file.


WKU offers two types of Qualtrics accounts, standard and WKU-Upgrade. The standard account type does not have the ability to attach files to surveys or upload new images to the library.

If you require these features, you may request your privileges be elevated to the WKU-Upgrade level after your Qualtrics account has been created. Enrolled students and active faculty/staff with valid WKU email addresses may make this request by using the ITS Service Catalog. Instructor or supervisor approval is not required, but please allow two business days for your request to be processed.

Alternatively, if you cannot allow time for your account to be upgraded you may copy and paste the document to be uploaded and format it as desired using the Rich Text editor in Qualtrics and/or host the file on a file sharing site like Microsoft OneDrive and post a public link within the survey.


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