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Adding a Calendar Style DatePicker Input

Instructions to add a calendar style datepicker input to a Qualtrics survey.

Adding Collaborators to Surveys

Instructions to share a Qualtrics survey with another individual.

Attaching Files

Instructions on attaching files to Qualtrics survey.

Comparing Standard and Upgrade Accounts

Information about the difference between WKU Standard and WKU Upgrade accounts in Qualtrics.

Converting a Qualtrics Trial Account to a WKU Branded Account

Information about converting a Qualtrics trial account to a WKU account.

Image Too Large

Instructions for changing the size of an image uploaded to a Qualtrics survey.

Issues with Qualtrics

Information on what to do if you need assistance with Qualtrics.

Qualtrics Information

Information about the Qualtrics survey software.

Resetting Qualtrics Password

Instructions for resetting a Qualtrics password.

Signing-Up For Qualtrics

Instructions for creating a Qualtrics account.

Using the WKU Theme on a Qualtrics Survey

Instructions for applying the WKU look and feel to Qualtrics surveys.