Adding a Calendar Style DatePicker Input


How do I add a calendar style datepicker input to my survey?


  • Qualtrics


  1. Log into Qualtrics at
  2. Click on Projects at the top right.
  3. Identify the appropriate survey and click to edit.
  4. Select + Create a New Question
  5. In the edit column, click the Change Question Type dropdown.
  6. Select Question Library from the bottom.
  7. In the popup dialog, select the following from the menus
    1. Qualtrics Library
    2. Survey Library
    3. Demographics
    4. Calendar & Date Questions
  8. Under Default Question Block, select Enter a date: .
  9. Click Import.​​​​​​​

After inserting, the question will appear to be a regular text input, however, when previewing or publishing the question will display as a calendar style datepicker.



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