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An image I added to my survey is too large and runs off the screen.


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By default, Qualtrics sets the image's style size to the width and height of the image file in pixels.


 Note: This procedure may be used in any text area where the Rich Content Editor... button appears. If using the Text/Graphic question type, set the type to Text.

  1. Click the Rich Content Editor... button.
  2. Click the  Insert Graphic icon.
  3. Click a graphic from the library or Upload a New Graphic.
  4. The image is now inserted. The width and height attributes have been automatically set to the width and height of the image in pixels.
  5. Click on the  Source icon.
  6. Locate the <img> element in the source code.
  7. Remove the contents of the style=" " attribute and replace it with your choice of the following:
    • width: 100%; (The image will take the width of the page. The height will be automatic, maintaining the aspect ratio. Recommended for most cases.)
    • width: 0px; (Replace 0 with the desired width in pixels. The height will be automatic, maintaining the aspect ratio.)
    • width: 0px; height: 0px; (Replace 0 with the desired width and height in pixels. The image will be stretched to fit the selected size.)
  8. Deselect the question to save changes.
  9. Preview the survey to verify the desired outcome.


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