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Instructions on sending attachments through the Outlook Web App.
Information about receiving an error that a file is being used when trying to attach it.
Instructions for saving an attachment from OWA.
Instructions for when you get error, "You don't have permission to download attachments." when trying to download attachments in OWA.
Information for WKU Faculty/Staff/Students on how to send secure and/or large files over the internet.
Instructions for Instructors on how to attach file to an item in their course site.
Information on creating a form that would allow a submission to include files, such as images, PDFs, Word Documents, etc.
Instructions for opening files downloaded in Firefox.
Information about random .TXT files being attached to emails.
Instructions on attaching files to Qualtrics survey.
Instructions for attaching a document as feedback for students.
Instructions for clearing web browser cache when attachments will not display properly in OWA.
Information about the meaning of bounce back emails you can receive when sending emails from your Exchange account.
Instructions for allowing Word documents to be edited immediately upon opening directly from Outlook 2016.
Instructions on saving/downloading an attachment from Blackboard.