Cannot Add or View Attachments in Outlook (macOS)


Attachments do not display when I click on the Attach button or attachments do not display when I click on them from an email.


  • New Outlook (macOS)


  • Sync Issue


  1. Quit Outlook.
  2. Locate the following files: ~/Library/Containers/
  3. Move all files ending in .plist to Trash and delete the files.
  4. Re-open Outlook, check whether the issue is resolved by adding attachments to an email. If you are able to, delete the files mentioned above in Trash. If not try completely un-installing the application and re-installing again.
  5. If the issue still persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook application through the Self-Service app. If you continue to have issues, please contact the ITS Service Desk or submit a service request by clicking the Request Service button. 
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Mon 12/5/22 9:25 AM
Thu 9/14/23 11:15 AM

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