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Instructions on how to use text formatting in OWA messages.
Instructions for sending an email through Blackboard.
Information about sending emails from shared mailbox accounts migrated to Microsoft 365.
Information about emails not sending from the Windows 10 email creation utility.
Information about why submitted forms in Omni CMS may not be emailing.
Information for WKU Faculty/Staff/Students on how to send secure and/or large files over the internet.
How to manually sync an unpopulated mailbox in Outlook.
Instructions for enabling or disabling email encryption with OWA.
Instructions for setting default preference of sending attachments via OWA.
Instructions on sending attachments through the Outlook Web App.
Instructions on sending email to multiple addresses in the To, CC, or BCC fields.
Instructions for using the Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) feature in OWA.
Information about automatically having email resent.
Instructions for selecting which account from which to send Mail Merge messages if there is more than one account in Outlook.
Information about emails bouncing back when using auto-completed address entries.