Scheduling a Zoom Meeting


How to schedule a Zoom meeting using the Zoom Desktop Client.



How do I schedule a Zoom Meeting?


  • Zoom
  • MacOS
  • Windows


  1. Open your Zoom client and sign into Zoom.
  2. Click the Schedule icon.
  3. Select your meeting settings. Learn more about Zoom Meeting Options here. 
    Note: WKU ITS strongly recommends selecting Recurring Meeting when scheduling classes, and using Blackboard, WKU email, or Slack to distribute the Meeting ID to students. Learn more about scheduling recurring meetings in Outlook and Google Calendar
    Note: Using your personal meeting ID is not recommended if you are scheduling classes. Learn more about your personal meeting ID here.
  4. Click Schedule to finish.
    • If you chose Outlook, you will see an Outlook window open, ready to send the info for your Zoom meeting as an Outlook event. Learn how to schedule Zoom meetings within Outlook using the Zoom Outlook Plugin.
    • If you chose Google Calendar, you will see a Google window open prompting you to grant Zoom permission to view and edit events on your calendar.
    • If you chose Other Calendar, you will see a window with information about your meeting and the option to Copy to Clipboard.
  5. Open the selected calendar service you chose to add the meeting to your chosen calendar and invite attendees.



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