Manually Adding Instructor, Student, TA, or GA


Instructions on adding other instructors, TAs, or GAs to a Blackboard course site.



How do I add another instructor, student, or a participant to a Blackboard Course?


If you are an instructor that is going to be co-teaching a course, or need access to a course where the original instructor is no longer affiliated with WKU please see this article. The process outlined below should be used if you wish to grant a TA access to your course or allow another instructor to view your course for a short time on an informal basis. 
  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Select the My WKU Bb tab.
  3. Select the ITS: Faculty Tools tab and log in.
  4. Hover over the TA/GA(S) tab.
  5. Click Add TA/GA.
  6. Search for the user to be added, using WKUID, name, or email address.
  7. Select the appropriate user.
  8. Select the desired course(s) and choose the appropriate role.
    Note: You must be course trained to be set as the instructor role.
  9. Click Next.
  10. At the next Blackboard update, the member will be added.

Role Definitions

 Note: A user cannot be added with any other role if they are on a course roster as a student in the same Blackboard course. For example, a user who is on a student roster for ENG 100-001 cannot also be a Teaching Assistant in ENG 100-001.

  • Course Builder: access to most areas of the Control Panel. This role is appropriate for a user to manage the course without having access to student grades. A course builder can still access the course if the course is unavailable to students. A course builder cannot delete an instructor from a course.
  • Grader: assists the instructor in the creation, management, delivery, and grading of items, such as tests and discussion board posts. A grader also assists the instructor with managing the Grade Center. A grader cannot access a course if it is unavailable to students.
  • Instructor: access to all areas in the Control Panel. This role is generally given to those developing, teaching, or facilitating the class. Instructors may access a course that is unavailable to students.
  • Student: the default course role. Students have no access to the Control Panel.
  • Teaching Assistant: (or TA) role is that of a co-teacher. Teaching assistants are able to administer all areas of a course. Their only limitations are those imposed by the instructor. A teaching assistant cannot delete an instructor from a course.



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