Outdoor Warning System Information


What is the outdoor warning system?


The outdoor warning system is a network of electronic speakers across campus capable of providing voice communication and warning sirens in the event of an emergency. Sirens are located on Cherry Hall, Downing Student Union, Douglas Keen Hall, and the Knicely Center.

Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Ensure console is powered up / has power. Attachments showcase unit in normal state.
  2. Ensure radio is on / has power. Attachments showcase unit in normal state.
  3. Poll all sirens twice. Use the unit status legend below for reference.

Unit Status Legend

Color Status
Blue No information. Poll for status.
Solid Green Standby; Unit is not sounding; No faults detected
Solid Red Standby; Unit is not sounding; Faults detected
Flashing Green Unit is currently sounding; No faults detected
Flashing Red Unit is currently sounding; Faults detected
Flashing Yellow Local Activation or False Alarm has occurred
Violet Communication Failure


If issues persist, please contact the ITS Service Desk or submit a service request. Tickets created will automatically text message technicians to begin resolving the issue immediately.


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