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How do I export video surveillance footage from Milestone XProtect Smart Client?


  • Milestone XProtect Smart Client


  1. Open Milestone XProtect Smart Client.
  2. Navigate to the camera you would like to export video footage from.
  3. Enter Playback for this camera.
  4. Use the timeline to locate the footage to be exported. Use the Time Selection or Set Start/End Time buttons at the bottom left for a precise selection.
  5. Click the Export button, then click Export...
  6. In the Export name field, give the export file a descriptive name (default is the current date and time, not the date and time of the footage).
  7. If there is not a camera listed, click Add item… and choose the correct camera view.
  8. Confirm the times that will be exported. The precise start and end time is listed at the bottom of the Export window. The default time is an hour, but the file size will be very large. We recommend only exporting the specific minutes that are needed.
  9. Review the Export Destination location for accuracy.
  10. Choose the desired Export format.
     Note: Both of the following export methods can be used for the same export, if necessary.

    XProtect Format Instructions

    1. Choose XProtect format if the recipient of the footage will need to be able to zoom in/out, search for motion, move frame by frame, etc. Make sure to check Include XProtect Smart Client - Player.
       Note: This format will only work on a Windows computer. If the file needs to be viewed on a Macintosh computer, please export as a media file.
       Note: The recipient may need to install Microsoft .NET or other prerequisites to view the video footage.
       Note: This file format will produce a larger file exported size file.
    2. The recipient may need to install Microsoft .NET or other prerequisites to view the video footage.
    3. This file format will produce a larger exported size file.
    4. It is recommended to check Password protect to add security to the exported footage. 
    5. Check Prevent re-export if you want to limit the ability of the recipient to change the exported file.

    Media Player Format Instructions

    1. Choose Media player format if the footage will only need to be played and paused; no Smart Client features will be available.
    2. If a smaller file size is needed, MKV format is recommended.
       Note: VLC may be needed to play the exported footage.
  11. Review the file size at the bottom of the window and make adjustments as necessary.
  12. Click Start Export to begin the export process.
  13. Smart Client will show the progress of the export in the top right of the window.
  14. When the export is complete, click Details to view a link to open the export location.
  15. Click Close to finish.
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