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How do I use the spell check on Omni CMS?


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Spelling errors must be reviewed by a human for accuracy. The check may detect words in other languages, WKU acronyms, and other false positives. Words may also be spelled correctly, but been split up by code in the WYSIWYG editor.

When publishing a page in Omni CMS, final checks will scan your page for errors. One of the checks it does is for spelling errors. Spell check scans words in the editable page content, the source code, and image descriptions. Use this section to identify misspelled words or typos and correct them.


If you have errors in your spell check, you will receive a red exclamation icon, and link which will list the errors. If you do not have any spelling errors, they do not need to be reviewed.

To review and correct potential spelling errors:

  1. Click the error link next to Spelling. This will bring up another window.
  2. In the Spell Check Results window there will be two columns:
    1. Word: The word that the scan believes may be misspelled
    2. Instances: The number of times that word occurs on the page.
  3. Make note of any words that are spelled incorrectly. You may skip the following steps if there is nothing to correct.
  4. Return to editing the page.
  5. Identify the misspelled word(s) on the page or search for them:
    1. Use Ctrl + F on Windows or command + F on macOS with your keyboard to open the WYSIWYG Find and Replace tool.
    2. Search the page for instances of the misspelled word using the Find field to highlight them.
  6. Correct the misspelled word(s) with the correct spelling, or use the Replace with field to replace multiple.
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