Running Human Resources Secure Reports


How do I run a Human Resources (HR) Secure Report in InfoView?


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All HR Secure Reports are based off access to a department's index numbers. Individuals must have access given to this area or the report will not work properly. 

HR Secure Reports are for those individuals who have access to finance information and need to access the payroll information that has been set up prior to running a report. If you do not have the access and feel you need that access, please complete this Service Request.


  1. Log into InfoView using NetID and password.
  2. Click Documents tab.
  3. Click Folders in left side panel.
    Note: May be in the bottom left corner.
  4. Expand (click +) Public Folders
  5. Expand (click +) WKU Campus Community
  6. Expand (click +) HR Secure.
  7. Click desired subfolder (ex., Employee Lists or Web Time Entry).
  8. In right panel, double click Title of desired report.
  9. Fill out parameters on Enter Values pop-up.
    Note: Each report prompts for different parameters.
Example 1: The HR_pay_nhrdist_byemployee_secure_rpt report prompts for both a begin and end Date (dd-mmm-yyyy), Desired Fund, and Desired Orgn.
  • Date format is always dd-mmm-yyyy (i.e., 01-JUL-2022) format.
  • Desired Fund is typically 110000 (always check your Index-Fund-Org for correct number).
  • Desired Orgn is your Organization Number.
Example 2: Any Web Time Entry report prompts for Payroll Year (yyyy), Payroll ID, Payroll Number, Timesheet Organization, and Approver User ID.
  • Year is always yyyy (i.e., 2022) format.
  • Payroll ID is always ST.
  • Payroll Number can be found on the Payroll website under General Information, Payroll Schedules.
  • Timesheet Organization is your Organization Number.
  • Approver User ID is the Banner User ID (u_xxxxxx format) of the main approver setup through Payroll department.  If unsure who is currently main approver, please contact Payroll. 
  1. Click OK.
  2. Enter User ID.
    Note: This is your Banner User ID (i.e., u_lastfm format); your NetID will not work as the User ID.
  3. Enter Password.
    Note: Typically your Banner password is synced with your NetID password.  If not, you need to reset your NetID password to sync them.
  4. Click OK
  5. Report results will display on screen.
    Note: You may Export/Download the report.  Most HR Secure reports are provided in Crystal Report format.


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