Opening Recovered ASD Files


How do I open a automatically recovered file with the ASD extension?


  • Windows
  • Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word uses a feature called "AutoRecover" that automatically saves drafts of documents while they are being edited. If this file is removed from its original location, it will not open properly in Word or other applications.


In order to correct this behavior, the file needs to be placed back into the original location.

  1. Right-click the recovered ASD file, and select Copy.
  2. Click on the Windows Start Button and select Computer (or File Explorer on Windows 8 and above).
  3. In the Address Bar, type %appdata%\Microsoft\Word (the default AutoRecovery folder) and press Enter.
  4. Right-click in the open folder and select Paste.
  5. Right-click the ASD file, select Open With..., and choose Microsoft Word.
  6. When the file opens as intended, click File and then Save As... in order to save the recovered document in the intended location.
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