Proper Maintenance of a Laptop Battery


What is the most cost-effective way I can preserve a laptop battery?


Laptop batteries eventually become unusable over time. Most batteries have a life expectancy of four to five years. With improper care, batteries will last a shorter time. With proper care, you may be able to stretch out the life of the battery beyond five years. Some tips on proper care include:

  • Do not leave your laptop plugged in all the time. When your battery is at 100% charge, remove the power to avoid over charging. 
  • Do not run the battery down to empty. Be sure and periodically charge as needed.
  • If you are storing your laptop for long periods of time, it is recommended to have a charge of at least 50% or more.
  • Laptops perform optimally between 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. However, heat contributes to minimizing the battery's life. Do not block the air vents. Keep the laptop off cushions and pillows.
  • If your laptop allows, remove the battery if you plan on using AC power for a long period of time. Any usage of the battery depletes the life expectancy. 
  • Dim your screen. The screen's backlight requires a lot of power to operate.
  • Configure your power options so your computer sleeps and/or hibernates at times you are not using it. Click here for more information on modifying your power plans.


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