Cannot Access Math Placement Exams


When I attempt to access a Math Placement Exam I am directed to a log in screen, but it will not accept my username or password.


Security/privacy settings are preventing credentials from being passed from TopNet to the Math Placement Exam site thus, asking you to login again.


Public / School / Work Computer

WKU IT will not support accessing the Math Placement Exam on a public computer. If you are experiencing this issue on a public computer, we strongly encourage accessing the Math Placement Exams from a personally-owned computer instead. Most public computers have a higher security/privacy level that cannot be changed by users.

Personally-Owned Computer

If you are experiencing this issue on a personally-owned computer, please ensure that your web browser is willing to accept cookies. Generally, the default level of privacy/security settings in most browsers will allow you to continue to the Math Placement Exams without issue.

If you need assistance changing settings regarding cookies/privacy in your web browser see related article Allowing Third Party Cookies.

If you have adjusted the privacy settings within Internet Explorer but are still experiencing issues, try accessing the Math Placement Exams using an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox instead. Generally, Firefox has a higher success rate of properly allowing students to take the exams than Internet Explorer.

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Tue 4/22/14 9:41 AM
Wed 7/22/20 10:54 AM

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