Articles about the WKU TopNet system ( ).

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Articles about the TopNet account.

Admission Application

Articles about the WKU Admissions application.

Advisors & Student Data Inquiry

Articles about the Advisors & Student Data Inquiry tab in TopNet,.

Employee Services

Articles about the Employee Services tab in TopNet.

Faculty Services

Articles about the Faculty Services tab in TopNet.

Financial Aid

Articles about the Financial Aid tab in TopNet.

Personal Information

Articles about the Personal Information tab in TopNet.

Student Services

Articles about the Student Services tab in TopNet.

Articles (11)

Accessing Math Placement Exams

Instructions for accessing the Math Placement Exams.

Accessing TOP Links

Instructions for access the TOP link in TopNet.

Applying for Housing

Instructions on where to go to apply for housing.

Browser Navigation

Information about using the back button when logged in to TopNet (

Cannot Access Math Placement Exams

Information about being able to access the Math Placement Exam.

Receiving Authorization Failure Error

Instructions on what to do when you receive authorization failure error after a PIN reset.

Receiving Break in Attempt Detected Message

Instructions on what to do when the "A break in attempt has been detected! Please login again" error message occurs on TopNet.

Retaking Math Placement Exam

Information regarding retaking the math placement exam.

Understanding Final Grades and GPA

Instructions for faculty and students on understanding final grades as used in TopNet (

Viewing Syllabi from Past Semesters

Instructions for accessing Syllabi from previous semesters in TopNet.

Voting in TopNet Elections

Instructions for voting in TopNet elections.