Articles about the Student Services tab in TopNet.

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Articles about registering for courses and scheduling meetings with your advisor.

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Accessing Account Paid Summary by Term

Instructions on how to view fees paid by term in TopNet.

Accessing Student Schedule

Information on how to access the current semester's schedule, including class titles, locations, and meeting times, according to TopNet.

Accessing Syllabus (Student)

Instructions for accessing syllabi on TopNet.

Adding Big Red Dollars

Instructions for adding Big Red Dollars to a WKU ID.

Applying for Graduation

Instructions for applying for graduation through TopNet.

Changing Major

Instructions for changing major on TopNet.

Checking Final Grades

Instructions for students on checking their final grades in TopNet (

Dropping Courses

Instructions for students on dropping or withdrawing from classes.

Finding Multiple Instructor Email Addresses

Instructions for finding all instructors' email addresses for a current or previous term in TopNet using the Student Detail Schedule.

Finding the Instructor of a Course

Instructions on finding who teaches a course in TopNet.

Not Eligible to Run an iCAP Audit

Information about the Not Eligible to Run and iCAP Audit error message.

Obtaining 1098-T Form

Instructions for obtaining a 1098-T from TopNet.

Official Grade Report Displays SSN as ID

Information about the Official Grade Reports in TopNet displaying a masked Social Security Number in the ID field, instead of a WKU ID.

Paying Tuition

Instructions on how to pay tuition.

Purchasing Dining Dollars

Instructions on how to purchase Dining Dollars through TopNet.

Requesting A Degree Validation Letter

Instructions to obtain a degree validation letter from TopNet.

Requesting Official Transcripts

Instructions on how to obtain an official transcript through TopNet.

Resolving WKU ITS Hold

Information on what to do if you have a WKU ITS hold on TopNet.

Running an iCAP Degree Program Audit

Instructions on how to run an iCAP degree program audit in TopNet.

Unable to Drop a Course

Information regarding dropping classes after the add/drop date.

Viewing Holds

Instructions on how to view academic holds.

Viewing Test Scores (ACT/SAT/GMAT)

Instructions for view test scores (ACT, SAT, etc.) sent to WKU in TopNet.

Viewing Unofficial Transcript

Instructions for students and alumni on how to view their unofficial transcript.