Articles about registering for courses and scheduling meetings with your advisor.

Articles (11)

Accessing Advisor's Calendar

Information on how to schedule a meeting with an advisor through TopNet.

Auditing a Class

Instructions on how to register for a class as an auditor.

Cancelling Advising Appointment

Information about cancelling an advising appointment made through TopNet.

Registering for a Dual Credit Course

Information on how to register for Dual Credit courses.

Registering For A Full Course

Information about registering for a course that is already at capacity.

Registering for Classes

Instructions on registering for classes in TopNet.

Registering for Restricted Course

Instruction for registering for restricted courses on TopNet.

Scheduling an Advising Appointment

Instructions on how to schedule an advising appointment in TopNet.

Time Conflict Error When Registering

Information regarding time conflicts when registering for courses on TopNet.

Unable to Register for Classes on Lab Computer

Information about where you can register for classes when you are on WKU's Bowling Green campus.

Viewing Advisor Information

Instructions for viewing advisor information on TopNet.