Articles about the WKU Admissions application.

Articles (11)

Accessing an Existing Application

Instructions on accessing an existing WKU admissions application.

Admissions Application ID Locked

Information on how to unlock Admissions Application Login ID.

Applying to WKU

Instructions on how to apply to WKU.

Cannot Indicate Planned Course of Study

Information for high school students applying for dual high school and college credit application and the Planned Course of Study webpage's only drop-down option available is Not Pursuing a Degree.

Checking Admission Application Status

Instructions for checking the status of an Admissions Application.

Creating Admissions Application Login ID

Instructions on how to create an account for the WKU admissions application.

Finding Admissions Application Credentials

Instructions for looking up WKU application credentials.

High School Code Error

Information regarding Admission Application errors when filling out the High School code and/or homeschool checkbox.

Issues Logging in to Check Application Status

Information about what to do when having issues checking your application status.

Not Pursuing Degree Error

Information regarding receiving a "Not Pursuing Degree" error.

Online Application Browser Compatibility

Instructions on resolving a blank page issue when accessing the WKU Online Application.