Changing Purchase or Budget Approval Queue


How do I change a purchase or budget approval queue in Banner?


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Approval queues direct the flow of approvals on Banner indexes for both budget transfers and requisitions. They dictate "who" the approver will be, and also establish the criteria for the approvals. Approval queues are established in Banner.

For requisitions, there are often multiple levels of approvers that might follow the normal chain of command in the workplace, particularly over a certain dollar amount (most often $5,000). Although approval queues are created in Banner, they must also be manually added in TopShop. In TopShop they are referred to as approval chains. Banner and TopShop communicate twice daily (at 6am and noon). The approvals for requisitions are done in TopShop.

For budget transfers, there are different approval paths that a budget transfer might take, depending on which account code(s) (salaries, supplies, equipment, etc.) are being impacted by the budget transfer. Additionally, there are two sides to every budget transfer (a debit and a credit). If the budget transfer involves different indexes, then approvers for both indexes will be included in the approval process. The approvals for budget transfers are done in Banner or TopNet.


To modify your Banner purchase or budget approval queue, please submit a service request.

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