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Information regarding purchasing and discounts at WKU.
Instructions on how to purchase a card swiper.
Instructions for faculty/staff on how to get help from Desktop Support when trying to determine what computers to purchase.
Information on when and how WKU-owned equipment can be purchased by an individual with personal money.
Instructions on replacing damaged power adapters and cables.
Information on how to get TopShop training.
Instructions for requesting purchasing for Adobe Creative Cloud.
Instructions for Employees to request access to WKU's Apple Store and how to create quotes that departments can use in TopShop purchases.
Instructions for modifying Banner purchase and budget approvals.
Information on what to do when students need advice on buying a computer.
Instructions on how to purchase Dining Dollars through TopNet.
Instructions for ordering Dell equipment for WKU purposes.
Information about purchasing WKU-Owned computers, equipment, or IT-related devices upon ending employment.