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Instructions for fixing Mediasite links that redirect in Blackboard.
Information on where to drop off your device when it needs to be services by TopperTech.
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Information on how to contact HP Support.
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Information about obtaining assistance with Mediasite.
Information about recording a collaborative (more than one presenter) video presentation in Mediasite.
Information about Mediasite Mosaic no longer uploading videos.
Instructions for adding a Mediasite presentation to a Blackboard Course Site.
Instructions for adding an MP3 to a WKU site through Omni CMS.
Directions for centering a social media snippet in Omni CMS
Instructions for compressing pictures in Microsoft Office documents to reduce their file size.
Instructions for setting voicemails to play inside of Outlook without having to download them separately.
Information regarding extending the length of a recorded Mediasite video.
Instructions on how to contact Lenovo Support.