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Services or Offerings?
Do you need to request a new telephone or fax line activation?

Do you need to activate your residence hall room phone line?

Do you need to change the caller ID on a WKU telephone due to reassignment to a new employee or change in employee name?

Do you need to have a WKU phone or fax line disconnected?

Having issues associating a new device with Duo or need to report an issue?

Do you need to enable both phone and instant messaging?

Do you have questions about billing or account changes regarding WKU phone services?

Do you need to have a WKU phone or fax relocated on campus?

Do you need to report an issue with a WKU phone service, voicemail, voicemail password, or fax line?

Do you need changes made to an existing WKU telephone call center?

Do you need to have additional features added to your existing phone (e.g., activating voicemail, call forwarding, ring length)?

Do you need to request phone related accessories (e.g., longer cords, headsets)?